Upcoming in the UK: Relate Rechtwijzer

In the UK, Rewire’s partnership with Relate is nearing completion on the final phase of testing for our Family Law ODR platform. Having collected some incredibly positive feedback (averaging a 7.7/10 for satisfaction of users of the platform – we’d say that’s a pretty satisfying divorce!) we have concluded beta testing and will be launching in mid May. The platform will allow couples to work together to create a separation agreement online and at their own pace. We have integrated mediation and review services to provide help as and when needed and a number of tools are available for guidance through the users journey. most importantly the platform is representative of so many of the positive aspects of ODR platforms; namely low cost, non combative and much quicker than current court procedures. Most importantly for Rewire and our colleagues at Relate, it allows the users to take control of their own justice journey by removing so many of the barriers currently in place. We are looking forward to see its launch!

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