ODR Platforms: Youstice

Since the 9th of July 2016, EU member states have been asked to implement new regulation (EU) No 524/2013 on Online Dispute Resolution for consumers. The Digital Single Market initiative aims to strengthen the protection of consumers by requiring online businesses to make sure their customers are aware of the ODR possibilities. This progressive initiative is closely related to what Youstice, an ODR tool for businesses and consumers, has been doing since 2014.

Purchasing products online is becoming increasingly popular and has clear advantages; a greater range of products becomes available and there are no time restrictions, as opposed to limited opening hours typical for brick and mortar shops. However, it also requires trust since the consumer is not completely informed about the quality and transaction process prior to purchasing the product. Hence, there are some possible downsides to the online market space. Conflict between buyer and seller can arise quickly, however, what most customer complaints have in common is that they are of low value but high volume, making the type of conflict ideal for ODR.

This is where Youstice comes in, this in mid-2014 launched platform facilitates companies to seamlessly communicate and handle customer complaints within a matter of minutes. Next to making consumers aware of their rights, free advice from consumers centers and trustmarks is one click away. When no mutually acceptable solution can be found, a third party will make a decision within seven days, drastically reducing the time the average time spent on consumer disputes. By being able to directly negotiate and being steered towards solutions, a win-win situation is created where customers and companies are able to negotiate and communicate directly and resolve issues in a matter of a few clicks.

One of the reasons that this tool might have struck the right cord is that in a rapidly globalizing world, there is a demand for ODR tools that help with the resolution of conflicts that are crossing borders. Youstice adequately responds to this by making the web application available in multiple languages, hereby serving businesses that are already shipping abroad or are planning to expand their business. Zybnek Loebl, founder and CEO of Youstice will be giving a presentation on this award-winning platform. We look forward to welcome him at the annual ODR2016 conference.

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