HiiL Innovating Justice is an innovation institute for the justice sector. It helps courts, ministries of justice and other access to justice organisations and businesses to build effective justice innovations by bringing together the best legal experts, cutting-edge technology, and modernised funding models.

Maurits Barendrecht (research director HiiL Innovating Justice and Professor of Dispute System Design at Tilburg University) and Jin Ho Verdonschot (director HiiL Rechtwijzer Technology and fellow of the NCTDR), with their team of justice technology professionals, have worked on ODR for the past decade. They developed the Rechtwijzer 2.0 platform, which is the first ODR platform for difficult problems such as divorce and separation, landlord-tenant disputes and employment disputes.


The National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution supports and sustains the development of information technology applications, institutional resources, and theoretical and applied knowledge for better understanding and managing conflict. As of 2002, it has organised the annual International ODR Forum. The first edition was held in Geneva in 2002 under the auspices of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). It was the idea of Mr. Daewon Choi, at the time an official of the UNECE. Subsequent Forums have been held in Geneva, Melbourne, Cairo, Liverpool, Hong Kong, Victoria (Canada), Haifa (Israel), Buenos Aires, Chennai, Prague, Montreal, in Silicon Valley and New York City.