ODR Platforms: Rechtwijzer

Rechtwijzer’s ‘Uit Elkaar, met Elkaar’ or loosely translated to English: ‘Separating from each other, with each other’ is becoming common word in the Netherlands and has been broadly covered in the media. Rewire Justice Technology has been working on the Dutch ODR platform together with Modria and Two Kings and is currently being offered to Dutch citizens by the Dutch Legal Aid Board. The hard work and dedication has paid off, the platform is now successfully online and hitting new records every month as for amount of users as well as satisfaction rates. The success of the platform might lie in the fact that it allows users to be in charge of their own divorce. The users can decide what is the best solution for them on their terms and own time, while also having the possibility of making use of legal assistance when necessary. At the end of the process Rechtwijzer Uit Elkaar compiles a complete separation plan, based on the users answers, tailored model texts and uploaded documents. After a lawyer checks the agreement and the documents are signed, the divorce is finalized. Rechtwijzer increases the access to law and justice by making a costly procedure that often takes a lot of time available for a broader segment of society.

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